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Statement on Leisure Facility Closures by North Lanarkshire Council

As the local MP and MSPs we share the revulsion being shown community wide in response to the decision taken by North Lanarkshire councillors yesterday.

Various local groups and organisation from

across the constituency have been in touch with me in high numbers making clear that they wish North Lanarkshire Council to think again on their outrageous officer driven decision.

Facilities like The Sir Matt Busby Centre and The Iain Nicholson Centre are intrinsic to the fabric of the communities they serve.

The names of these local heroes should be preserved within the communities they helped put on the map.

We are urging all Community Groups, Sports Clubs, Residents Associations and Community Councils to come together as one voice and resist the closure and loss of these facilities across the authority.

As ever, any concerned individual or group can contact myself and my office on the following;

Stephanie Callaghan MSP Fulton MacGregor MSP

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