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Mackie's Pharmacy Visit

It was fantastic to visit one of the Mackie Pharmacy branches in Moodiesburn in my constituency today.

Firstly, to see the great work they have been doing within the community but also to thank them for their hard work, dedication and service to us all during the course of the pandemic.

John-Paul Mackie, the Managing Director, recently won the Independent Pharmacist of the Year award for his revolutionary use of technology in creating a dispensing robot to make it similar and easier to collect prescriptions. It was great to hear first hand exactly what secured him the well deserved recognition.

Pharmacies are a real community necessity, they offer so much tailored services that help improve the health and well being for us all.

I thank all of the team at Mackie for taking the time to speak to me about the issues you as a community have been facing and of the national pressures and improvements that can and hopefully will be made in our health and social care system.

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